Three Weird Sisters
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Galatea (and Pygmalion)

© 2003 by Dr. Mary Crowell
Those familiar with the story of Pygmalion know that the reason he left his beloved statue quite often was to wish and pray that she would be made into a real woman. But, how would she know that?

I want your slow hands
On my body, want an artist’s touch.
I don’t get out that much.
My heart’s like stone.

My chisled profile --
It isn’t finished. ‘Wants some smoothing out.
I cannot speak or shout,
I’m all alone.

You’ve left me under the sheets again.
You’re on your knees in someone’s sacred den.
You’ll give her flowers and all of your prayers.
Then you’ll come back to me and say that you care.

I’ve lost my marbles.
They’re with the pebbles on your littered floor.
If you come through that door
Then that’s okay.

My arms enfold you,
But I can’t hold you very close to me.
This pedestal, you see,
Keeps you away.


Hey Aphrodite --
So fine and mighty, Give me back my man,
That fool Pygmalion
Make flesh my heart.

His ‘Sleeping Lovely’ --
I’ll look just like you if he’ll finish me
Bring me to life to be
His work of art,

Bring me to life to be
His work of art.
Bring me to life to be
YOUR work of art.