Three Weird Sisters
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In a Gown Too Blue

By Brenda Sutton © 2001
Pegasus Award Winner!

Dressed in my gown of too virulent blue
I'll play the pitiful damsel I do
Draped on cold ground I'll pose
No one knows what I know
One turn and I'm lost in time
I trip through history
Studying mysteries
Middle aged Oxford was fine...and all mine

I was the confident sophomore
I thought I had this down pat
But I don't know the road to the door
God, I don't know where I'm at

I clench my hands in the semblance of prayer
And pray to my knuckles what I'm doing here
How all my arrogance
Joined with my innocence
To shove me down dark snowy roads
Please hear this penitent
Don't learn as I have learnt
Be more prepared if you go...or don't go

Everything school couldn't teach me
Everything I didn't know
Now there's no way they can reach me
And I don't know where to go...I don't know...I don't know

1400 was the target we set
My story and place and I flew through the net
Dragging my germs with me
Back to the plague I flee
I'm not supposed to be here
Fevered, delirious
Lord, are you getting this?
I never asked, "What's the year?" What's the year!

Oh Dunworthy, leave the door open
I know the drop is nearby
Within the sound of bells tolling
Within the sound of my cry...of my cry!

Fearless and foolish and faithful surround me!
Everyone I love is dying around me!
No modern cures have I
Poultice and herbs apply
With isolation and prayer...isolation and prayer
There's no one left to save
None left to dig my grave
Get me the hell out of here...out of here!