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Make Love Stay

By Teresa Gibson Powell © 2005

Relationships come, relationships go
Beginning with bliss, ending in woe
First you feel high, then you feel low
Fervor and zeal drift away
You think that you've found the man of your dreams
With eyes like the sea and passion that steams
Gradually tarnish replaces what gleams
And you don't know what to say
Except, how do I make love stay? Make love stay…

Love is a garden where you plant your seeds
Water it daily, attend to its needs
Give strict attention, remove all the weeds
Of apathy, keep them at bay
With anything else, existing on earth
Lack of attention soon creates dearth
Never forget to acknowledge love's worth:
The price you must willingly pay
If you want to make love stay...Make love stay.

Making love stay's not the simplest thing
There's effort involved on both sides of the ring
The best that you have is the best that you bring
Give freely and don't push away

Union is fragile, like robin's egg blue
With thoughtless behavior, it bids you adieu
With tenderness, daily the soul will renew
Heartstrings that otherwise fray
Respect and integrity act as the glue
Mix them with love and they'll always hold true
Devotion and loyalty therein imbue
And strengthen with each passing day
That's how you make love
That's how you make love
That's how you make love
Learn how to make love stay.