Three Weird Sisters
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May Queen

Lyrics By Brenda Sutton © 1995

Long and long the sunlight lasts.
She opens wide the door.
Now the wintertime has passed,
Now the moment to stand fast,
Take the sword within her grasp
And rule the land once more.

So dance, Maiden, dance.
Dance, Maiden, dance.
While the fairy people sing,
Traipsing 'round the maypole ring,
The May Queen sets about to bring
The world to life with rites of spring
So dance, Maiden, dance.
Dance, Maiden, dance.

All throughout the Dark Lord's reign
The Maiden shed the Crone.
In restoring sleep She's lain
Gaining strength where once was pain.
She'll be the Mother once again
And come into her own.

There in Moonlight stands a stag,
And there stands Dark Lord
Who spies the Bride who once was Hag,
Garbed in gown where once was rag.
He descends His thorny crag
To offer and adore.

Now He kneels before the Queen
And offers Her his sword.
Power flows from white to green,
And though She rules the changing scene,
Both will raise the sword between
The Lady and Her Lord.