Three Weird Sisters
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Pole Star

Lyrics By Brenda Sutton © 2003

You, you,
You're the compass rose that points my way true North.
You, you,
You're the sounding mark that keeps me on my course.
Our link through many lifetimes must not Will not be undone.
When someone asks, "Who do you trust?"
Know that you're the one.

Pole Star, near and far
Cloud or clear, there you are - my Pole Star!

You, you,
You're the fire banked to warm my coldest night.
You, you,
You're the morning sun, the view from mountain height.
You are grace and growth and gratitude,
Both generous and spare,
The last dance of the evening,
My winer rose, so rare.


You are silent understanding;
You are marrow in the bone,
The beam that bears the lintel,
My ship, my shore, my stone!

You, you,
You're eternal love that never ever fails.
You, you, you.
You're the gentle wind that billows my heart's sails.
You're the scent of smoke and tea rose,
The love I fear to lose.
In a room of stars and heroes,
You're the company I choose.


You, you, you!